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Pete Clark on VSE: VSE/ESA Stabilized?

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Included with this issue of z/Journal is a special z/VSE Supplement produced in cooperation with IBM and z/Journal. The content serves two purposes: as an announcement of z/VSE delivery and as a celebration of 40 years of VSE. Everyone who worked on the supplement hopes you enjoy reading it as much as they enjoyed working on it.

Setting the Record Straight  

As I contemplate the 40th anniversary of VSE, up pops an e-mail from a concerned VSE user. The e-mail contains statements from an “industry analyst” think tank accompanied by a series of questions about the VSE market, VSE users, and VSE viability. For example:

Statement #1: Some “industry group/pundit” has stated that all VSE users are migrating to other platforms.

Fact: VSE customers have migrated to other platforms, while others are considering different platforms, some have been to other platforms and returned, some remain on VSE, some use both VSE and other platforms, and some are just trying to figure out where they are and where they should be.

This has been the situation of VSE users for more than 30 years. And for most of those 30-plus years, VSE users have had several other computing platforms in-house, in addition to VSE. And VSE users have, in fact, moved applications among numerous platforms, usually with the intent of finding the best platform for the application. 


How in the world anyone can get “all VSE users are migrating” out of the preceding statements defies imagination! There has never been a time in VSE’s history when some of its users weren’t migrating, but there has never been a time when “all VSE users were migrating.”

Much has been written and predicted about the demise of VSE. However; VSE is alive and well and celebrating its 40th anniversary. The prognostications of industry “insiders” won’t decide the fate of VSE. Ultimately, only the VSE users and IBM will decide VSE’s fate. 

Statement #2:  XYZ analyst group/pundit no longer covers the VSE platform because there’s no value.

2 Pages