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IBM has posted an updated version of “Hints and Tips for VSE/ESA 2.7 and Earlier” on the VSE/ESA Website at www-1.ibm.com/servers/ eserver/zseries/os/vse/. This is the eighth version of this exceptional document. Two previous versions are also still available on the Website:  

- “Hints and Tips for VSE/ESA,” Sixth Edition, July 2002

- “Hints and Tips for VSE/ESA,” Fifth Edition, May 2001

If you don’t already have a copy, download one now! If you have an older copy, download the latest copy. This document contains so much helpful information, it should be required reading for every VSE/ESA professional.

Simply reading through the “Contents” will give you an idea of what the document contains, including information about VSE/ESA commands, Traces, Hardwaits, Lock Manager, SDAID, the Dispatcher, and much more. Additionally, the latest copy contains useful information about the following VSE/ESA facilities: CICS/TS, POWER/VSE, VTAM, REXX, VSAM, ICCF, and Language Environment (LE).

This information is presented as hints, tips, how-to’s, suggestions, examples, and sometimes even undocumented commands. In fact, “Chapter 2: Internal Attention Routine Commands,” is worth its weight in gold all by itself.

z/VSE 3.1 Planning Information

If you are preparing for an early move to z/VSE, the VSE/ESA Website contains a great deal of information you should review as part of the planning process. Listed below are some major planning points to consider; be sure to check the VSE/ESA Website regularly for updates.

z/VSE will support only the following CPU hardware:

- zSeries 800, 900, 890, and 990

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