Powerful and Cost-Effective Information Sharing for Multi-Vendor Enterprises  

As IT continues to transform the way the world does business, high-performance organizations need to integrate and process data from a number of disparate systems—and they need to do it more quickly and at a lower cost than ever before. 

IT professionals know all too well that the process of sharing large data stores between legacy and open environments eats into precious resources and often results in excessive downtimes, under-performing applications, inadequate audit times, and manual re-starts. Those and other data-related inefficiencies combine to create an untenable situation in today’s ultra- competitive business landscape. 

Enter Parallel Data Mover™ (PDM) from Alebra Technologies. Alebra’s PDM stakes its claim as the industry’s fastest and most robust data-sharing solution. At its core, PDM provides organizations with an elegantly efficient set of tools that allow them to access and copy data between mixed environments consisting of z/OS and UNIX/Windows servers, between MVS images, or between those platforms in different data centers. 

Alebra’s PDM offers users a completely scalable and nearly bulletproof mechanism to share or copy large volumes of data using parallel data streaming technology and data piping over either FICON-FCP or GbE infrastructures. And PDM’s proprietary capabilities can be extended to any existing programs that read and/or write sequential files. 

Not an off-the-shelf solution, Alebra’s PDM has been architected to provide truly intelligent managed file transfers. And IT managers will be happy to learn it installs in a matter of hours, not weeks or months. Enterprise users are likely to see an immediate and quantifiable reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a corresponding increase in ROI.

Speed, Efficiency, and Reliability  

Alebra’s PDM is extremely fast—existing customers have achieved documented copy rates of 250MB/s using a single Alebra z/OpenGate™ FICON-FCP gateway for parallel file copies, and more than 40MB/s for parallel transfers over a single GbE. #Alebra’s PDM is extremely efficient—it includes centralized management functionality featuring audit trails, transfer monitoring and automated scheduling from a single point of control to reduce operating costs.

 Alebra’s PDM is extremely reliable—high-level fault- tolerance protects an organization’s most critical data through the use of check-sums, CRCs, and cross-checks during data transfer and access. 

Alebra PDM Key Benefits  

  • Maximizes ROI and TCO
  • Simplifies, streamlines, and improves enterprise processes
  • Leverages legacy assets
  • Integrates open systems
  • Improves time-to-market
  • Reduces resource utilization
  • Accelerates data copy and access speeds.  

Alebra PDM Key Features and Functionality  

  • Alternate data paths
  • Robust client interfaces
  • APIs
  • No limits on client/server access or concurrent server copies
  • Transaction queuing and bandwidth management
  • Efficient reblocking
  • Control and monitoring by automated attendants or live operators
  • User-transparent configuration—no reconfiguration required by system engineer(s)
  • Conforms to security rules for each system
  • Firewall-friendly
  • Advanced data encryption
  • Auditing functionality includes the ability to log SMF records, which provides an audit trail for accounting or security purposes
  • Journaling and archive feature improves auditing process
  • Open standards architecture
  • Utilizes fixed licensing structure—not an MIPS-based fee structure—which eliminates upgrade charges
  • Vendor neutral—compatible with all disk subsystem providers.  

In summary, with its Parallel Data Mover solution, Alebra Technologies is clearly offering its enterprise clients a comprehensive, robust set of data-sharing tools geared to meeting the challenges of an IT-intelligent business environment.