As a staunch believer in the value of the IBM mainframe ( and have been for the past 30 years), I eagerly look forward to BMC's Annual Mainframe Research Study. And the 2016 version does nothing but affirm my strong belief in the platform. The bottom line for me is their statement that the mainframe is indeed here to stay, based on their survey results which found that 89 percent of mainframe users predict its long-term viability. That's very strong!

I am a great fan of highly respected IT journalist and IT expert, Dan Kuznetsky. Once again, I find that he has nailed it perfectly: the IBM mainframe is here to stay. Below I take the liberty of posting his entire blog that was originally published at

Are Enterprises Running Away From The Mainframe? BMC Survey Says "No"

Rumors of mainframe death have been greatly exaggerated.

If I paid attention only to the press releases and briefings I receive from vendors of cloud computing services, virtualization technology, application frameworks and even industry-standard x86 applications, it would be easy to come to the erroneous conclusion that enterprises were running away from their mainframe workloads and mainframe investment as quickly as they can.

Having conducted many surveys myself, I know that this is simply not the case. A quick read through the results of the recent BMC 11th Annual Mainframe Research study, along with others, reinforces my view that mainframes are useful tools that continue to be widely used in major enterprises.

Let's look at a few of the survey results BMC just reported.

The survey – the industry's largest mainframe survey with more than 1,200 executives' and technical professionals' perspectives included—also indicated that mainframes are a critical core IT platform supporting the volume and velocity of data and transactions being created by digital business.

With nearly 60 percent of companies seeing increased data and transaction volumes, and a growing number of databases, companies continue to select the mainframe as a key platform. The mainframe is a highly secure, superior data and transaction server, particularly as digital business adds unpredictability and volatility to workloads. Respondents surveyed fall into three groups based on their mainframe investment strategies:

  • 58 percent of companies surveyed are in the increasing group and looking to grow their investment and use of the mainframe.
  • 23 percent indicate they will keep a steady amount of work on the mainframe.
  • Only 19 percent plan to reduce the usage of the platform.

Executives planning to grow their investment see value in the mainframe for its availability, performance, and security strengths. These respondents often have growing revenues and are focused on modernization and taking advantage of technologies such as Java, advanced automation, and lower-cost specialty mainframes. Respondents who plan to remain steady, view mainframes as a secure and highly available engine for running their businesses, but are not looking to add new workloads.

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