NewEra Software, Inc. announced that it has once again provided same-day support for IBM’s latest release of z/OS. The Integrity Controls Environment 16 (ICE 16) is available for download by all NewEra customers to support their upgrade to z/OS V2R4. This support follows a pattern of providing same-day support dating back to new releases of OS/390.

Because NewEra engages in extensive research to prepare for same-day support, it has compiled and published an eBook, What’s New in z/OS V2R4, as part of its commitment to members of The z Exchange, a virtual User Group.

What’s New in z/OS V2R4 documents changes and new things coming in V2R4 and beyond.  The information in the eBook is based on findings from generally available public documentation and presentations.  Research is ongoing.

Topics include MVS System Commands, JES2, JES3, VTAM, TCP/IP, the IBM Health Checker for z/OS, Parmlib Members and Parmlib Keywords.

The eBook is available at no cost at

New Release Analysis, a tool in ICE 16 that helps reduce the time and expense of migrating to a new release of z/OS, is available to all ICE customers and can be rented or leased by all qualified z/OS installations. Requests for New Release Analysis can be sent to