NetManage OnWeb for CICS

Creating reusable Web services from existing legacy information is a challenging task. even with the advanced tools available today, it is difficult and time-consuming to integrate existing CICS applications. Adding to the complexity is CICS administrators’ reluctance to use “middle-tier,” screen-scraping technologies for fear of scalability and stability issues. however, business owners within organizations are constantly looking for new revenue channels or service offerings to differentiate themselves from the competition—and the solutions they’ll build will be powered by legacy systems. to enable companies to extract the most out of their existing systems, they need a comprehensive integration solution that addresses these concerns while allowing developers to take advantage of the mainframe’s speed, stability, and uninterrupted run-times.

Recently launched to the marketplace, OnWeb for CICS from NetManage is a secure and powerful mainframe integration solution. OnWeb for CICS transforms existing CICS applications into high performance, new business applications capable of integrating with virtually any enterprise information system. It combines Web application development with the scalability and high-performance of the mainframe—and it is ideal for companies currently undertaking or planning integration projects or service-oriented Architecture (SOA) initiatives. Simply put, OnWeb for CICS is one of the most robust CICS modernization solutions currently available.

OnWeb for CICS Features, Benefits, and Highlights

  • Runs natively on the mainframe—eliminates the need for middle-tier servers. This gives organizations the ability to get more “real-time” information from core systems.
  • Allows developers to leverage their areas of expertise. Java experts remain Java experts and .Net experts remain .Net experts. Since the output from OnWeb for CICS is standard XML, there’s no need to understand the inner workings of the mainframe to develop successful applications.
  • Instantly and securely exposes all CICS applications and data sources to be integrated with any type of enterprise information system or Web application via XML.
  • Creates more stable and scalable integration solutions that are based on CICS application business logic.
  • Leverages standards-based protocols for the consumption of exposed services. Users can make simple http or XML requests or call a service via SOAP. This ensures interoperability with other new business applications.
  • Supports multiple legacy operating systems and environments. Developers can expose transactions from BMS, 3270, COMMAREA, VSAM, DB2, and DLI sources running on MVs, z/OS, TREXX, and VSE.
  • Includes process automation functionality that combines multiple transactions into a single business process, such as “lookup customer” or “deduct from account,” which dramatically reduces integration complexity while it increases application performance.
  • Offers additional flexibility for deploying middle-tier and native versions of OnWeb, which provides the customer an incremental approach to Web service creation and blueprinting.
  • Supports and maintains the integrity of existing security policies on the mainframe; since OnWeb for CICS is still under the strict enforcement of mainframe security standards such as RACF, ACF/2, and top-secret.

In summary, OnWeb for CICS is a robust, scalable, secure product that transforms mainframe CICS applications into new, modernized business solutions that seamlessly integrate with virtually any system. organizations interested in extending CICS applications to new business users—such as partners or customers—would be wise to evaluate this solution. OnWeb for CICS offers ease of development and deployment, faster time-to-market, and lower total cost-of-ownership for enterprisewide mainframe integration projects. Z .