AUSTIN, Texas, Jul 01, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Beginning today, NEON Enterprise Software is offering NEON zPrime for IMS(TM) for just US$1.00. NEON zPrime for IMS makes costly IMS workloads eligible for processing on IBM specialty processors (SPs) instead of IBM System z central processors (CPs). To take advantage of the offer, customers must make a two year commitment at $1.00 per year and install a new version of NEON zPrime(TM) in production by December 31, 2010.

NEON zPrime for IMS is based on NEON's mainframe cost slashing product zPrime(TM) 2.1 and it makes only IMS workloads eligible to run on more cost effective SPs. With zPrime 2.1, more than 90 percent of most mainframe workloads (IMS, DB2, CICS, TSO/ISPF and batch) are eligible for processing on SPs. Version 2.1 gives mainframe administrators even more control over IBM zIIP (z Integrated Information Processor) and zAAP (z Application Assist Processor) specialty engine use. It helps ensure optimal utilization of zIIPs and zAAPs with less intervention than previous zPrime versions. NEON zPrime for IMS takes full advantage of zPrime 2.1 and maximizes the cost advantages of SPs for IMS workloads.

"NEON is all about safely, legally, and dramatically reducing the high cost of mainframe use," said Lacy Edwards, CEO of NEON. "IMS is a transaction-processing workhorse for many of the largest institutions in the world. Yet, while IMS has been in use for decades, it remains onerously expensive, at a time when most companies need significant cost-cutting relief."