Micro Focus has announced the IT Operations Management (ITOM) Platform, the industry’s first containerized microservices platform for IT Operations. The ITOM Platform is built on a foundation of shared microservices—including analytics, orchestration and ChatOps collaboration. Built on the Micro Focus Container Deployment Foundation and featuring fast installation, limited upgrades downtime, pre-integrated use cases and built in scalability, the platform’s microservices are re-useable and include RESTful APIs to enable customers and partners to easily extend their IT management and DevOps processes.

Micro Focus also announced the availability of two new ITOM products now offered on the ITOM platform—Network Operations Management and Data Protection, along with new versions of its existing four product lines now compatible with the new platform.

First Containerized Microservices Platform for IT Operations

Based on early successes of the Container Deployment Foundation, the ITOM Platform provides IT Ops teams the basis for continuous and modern IT operations with a catalog of new microservices. Unlike traditional enterprise solutions designed for SaaS or on premise, this is the only platform to support flexible deployment (bare metal, virtual and cloud), automated and dynamic scaling, simplified upgrade and maintenance and true customer choice. Features include:

Best-of-breed Microservices—An industry first, a shareable and composable set of IT Operations microservices—including business value dashboards ChatOps, configuration management, data collection and analytics, discovery, orchestration and more—these enable users to deploy microservices once, and easily integrate them across multiple ITOM domains. This helps customers save costs through re-use, and save time through faster integration and scale.

End-to-end AIOps—A complete end-to-end AIOps environment powered by Micro Focus IDOL, an artificial intelligence platform for unstructured data analytics, and the Vertica Analytics Platform that provides near real time insights and enables new use cases (e.g. SecOps, Risk Dashboards, etc.) that are not achievable with standalone solutions.

Built-in Collaboration and Orchestration—Native ChatOps and Orchestration microservices that provide a foundation for scalable automated and human powered workflows; connecting ITOps with DevOps and Security teams to enable continuous problem solving and collaboration. These microservices also provide a robust platform for emerging automation technologies—such as robotic process automation (RPA), which leverages automation, collaboration and analytics—to further extend the reach of automation in the enterprise. Customers can see dramatic reductions in incident response times and an increased ability to shift staff into higher value roles.
Industry-First, Extensible Platform with an Open Development Ecosystem—All ITOM Platform microservices feature backwards compatible, RESTful APIs for partners and customers to extend existing Micro Focus products or complement them with newly developed solutions.

Introducing New Products Built on the ITOM Platform

Micro Focus introduced two new ITOM products built on the ITOM Platform—Network Operations Management and Data Protection. The new products, in conjunction with quarterly updates to its established ITOM products, form the most modern and innovative product line in the IT Operations Management market. Details include:

Network Operations Management—Manages, automates and ensures compliance for traditional, virtual and software-defined networks; now includes Risk Dashboards, automated compliance and vulnerability remediation.

Data Protection—Provides the most advanced solution for data-centric backup and recovery across enterprise infrastructure, cloud and mission critical application environments.

Service Management Automation—Offered via containers on the Amazon marketplace—as well as on-premise—with a new iPhone mobile app, an advanced multi-tenant console for internal and external service providers.

Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM)—Delivers the first public cloud aggregation solution, as well as simplified brokering of mixed private and public cloud offerings. HCM also integrates our industry leading cloud migration solution—based on PlateSpin technology—into the solution, and leverages the “Collect Once Store Once” microservice to enable cloud budgeting, showback and analytics.

Operations Bridge—Simplifies the collection, storage and analytics of cloud and on-premise monitoring data with the “Collect Once, Store Once” platform microservice, as well as the integration of the Application Performance Management data into the product.

Data Center Automation—Offers industry-leading Risk Dashboards, compliance and vulnerability remediation for servers and middleware, as well as full compliance support in Puppet open source environments.

Availability and Additional Information

The Micro Focus ITOM Platform is available now and ready to use across all Micro Focus ITOM Products. More information on the ITOM Platform can be found on the Micro Focus ITOM blog here.