Mainframe Trivia Contest #17

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Mainframe Trivia Contest #17

In 1968 IBM shipped the industry’s first hierarchical database management system. What was its name?

  • Datacom/DB
  • IDMS
  • IMS

(I will randomly select a winner of this Mainframe Trivia Contest #17 who will receive the sweatshirt pictured below. To participate, send an email to me at with Mainframe Trivia Contest #17 in the Subject line — Don’t forget to state your sweatshirt size.)



Mainframe Trivia Contest #16: Winners Announced

In October 2009 I posted the 16th edition of the Mainframe Trivia Contest when  I posed the following question:

During most of three decades (1970s, ’80s, and ’90s) one software company dominated the mainframe performance monitoring niche. Which company?

  • SAS
  • Candle
  • BMC
  • Boole & Babbage

Although the majority of the responses to this trivia question selected Candle; in fact, the correct answer is Boole & Babbage.

The  winners of the Mainframe Trivia Contest #16 are:

  • Bill Porreca
  • Rohan Sawant
  • Stan (Stawsh) Murawski