Mainframe Trivia Contest #10

The Mainframe Trivia Contest #9 is now over. The Telex Corporation was the first company to provide plug-compatible products (tape drives) for the IBM System/360 mainframe in 1967. Memorex was second.


The winners of a mainframe T-shirt for correctly answering the Mainframe Trivia Contest #9 question are:

· Floyd Chrysler: DB DC Systems, Toronto, Canada

· William Allen, Jr: Arch Consulting Assoc., Charlotte, North Carolina

· Larry Lenzi: Levi, Ray & Shoup, Springfield, Illinois


Mainframe Trivia Contest #10

Which one of the following organizations was NOT an IBM mainframe user group?





 (I will randomly select three winners of this Mainframe Trivia Contest #10 who will receive the T-shirt pictured below. To participate, either answer via a Comment to this post - it will not be made public for others to see - or send me an Email to with Mainframe Trivia Contest #10 in the Subject line – Don’t forget to state your T-shirt size.)

This contest has ended, but you can still purchase a Mainframes Rule T-shirt here!