Storage Subsystem Virtualization Capabilities

Virtual disk array capabilities let you:

• Create up to 32 (current) different virtual storage machines or flexible system Logical Partitions (LPARs) within a disk subsystem

• Dedicate cache, ports, back-end resource aggregation and consolidation for specific applications

• Consolidate heterogeneous storage systems and environments

• Dynamically re-allocate resources between virtual storage machines to meet changing workloads.

Integrated virtual tape (disk array and tape library) capabilities let you:

• Integrate a disk array and physical tape library. The disk array serves as cache buffer for more active data providing disk-like recall times for most accesses. As the data transparently migrates from disk to the physical tape, the logical volumes are stacked on each tape cartridge to improve utilization; typically achieving 80 percent or more utilization per cartridge.

• Decrease the number of physical tape drives as many I/O requests are serviced from the buffer

• Decrease the amount of tape media as a result of stacking multiple virtual tape volumes on a tape cartridge

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