One of the knocks on the mainframe recently has been the lack of college grads entering the IT workforce with a focus on the IBM mainframe.  Well the strong resurgence of the mainframe has been attracting interest in a number of colleges and universities around the country including; the University of Arkansas, Marist College,  North Carolina Central University,  Illinois State University, Syracuse University, as well as others.

As an incentive for students to concentrate on learning the skills necessary to work with IBM mainframes we have partnered with IBM Destination z and several mainframe-centric vendors (see logos below) to launch and fund the Mainframe Scholarship Fund several months ago.  Interested students were invited to complete an application with a goal of obtaining a scholarship. It’s a pleasure to announce the first four winners of $1,000 scholarships toward furthering their education on enterprise systems. Congratulations to each of these winners who have demonstrated excellence through their mainframe coursework.

  • Adam Norwood: University of Arkansas, Management Information Systems master’s program
  • Sandeep Basnet: Illinois State University, Information Systems master’s program, mainframe specialization
  • Scott Wetter: Marist College, Computer Science undergraduate program
  • Bob Molerio: Marist College, On-Demand with Enterprise Systems certificate program

We look forward to continuing to work with IBM Destination z in increasing the involvement of additional sponsors and awarding many more students with scholarships from the Mainframe Scholarship Fund. If you are interested in becoming involved with Destination z and the Mainframe Scholarship Fund please contact Marc Smith at smarc[at]