- Obtaining or maintaining a thorough knowledge of their environment

- Managing performance and problems

- Ensuring space availability and recoverability

- Securing authorization.

Training is a significant issue. Most mainframe storage administrators receive on-the-job training, so learning the proper storage management philosophy is sometimes hit-or-miss. This article provides guidance to help storage administrators overcome the challenges of managing performance, availability, recoverability, authorization, and devices.

Storage management is unforgiving. The margin for error is smaller than ever, yet storage administrators often have only one chance to get things right. They usually don’t have the time or resources to fix things. For example, if a job abends because of a space problem, the storage administrator now has two problems:

- Determining the cause of the abend

- Correcting and rerunning the job.

When providing cause analysis, the storage administrator must implement a solution to ensure the problem doesn’t recur.

A thorough knowledge of what to do in certain circumstances is essential for the mainframe storage administrator. Automated processes can keep mainframe storage environments running smoothly. Intelligent automation—tools that learn based on historical events—create even more efficiencies by automating common, simple tasks and some complex tasks. Armed with tools that detect, identify, diagnose, and resolve the problem automatically, the storage administrator can focus on bigger issues. Storage Resource Management (SRM) tools can help the storage administrator spend valuable time on critical issues by freeing time otherwise spent on mundane, time-consuming, or labor-intensive tasks.

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