This fifth and final article in this series examines line commands and primary commands available on enhanced member lists. Primary commands are commands issued from the command, option or action line that appear at the top or bottom of ISPF displays. Line commands are entered in the input field to the left of each row of data. Try these commands for yourself and also review the previous articles for line commands and primary commands used on other ISPF screens: 

• Line commands for data set list displays
• Primary commands specific to data set list displays
• Primary commands for any screen

Types of Member Lists

ISPF options View (1) and Edit (2) produce member lists with a period on the left in front of the member name. These member lists let you select a member using the letter “s” or by placing your cursor on the period and pressing the enter key. The member is then opened in either view or edit mode, depending on the ISPF option used to produce the list (see Figure 1).

The ISPF Library Utility (3.1) creates a member list with a one-character input field to the left of each member name. Single-character line commands can be used on this list to perform file maintenance options such as edit, view, rename, delete, etc. (see Figure 2).

ISPF option 3.4 (DSLIST) and the DSLIST command produce data set listings. On these DSLIST displays, there are several options that will open PDS and PDSE data sets using an enhanced member list. Enhanced member lists provide additional line command capability. The enhanced member list uses a nine-character input field on the left, in front of the member name. This input field supports all the file maintenance options of the ISPF Library Utility (3.1) and TSO commands that use data set name and member name as a command parameter (see Figure 3).

Tool tip: The select line command (s), or cursor selection using the enter key, automatically opens a member using the default action for the member list. When using the “m” (member list) option from the DSLIST display, there’s no default action; this means the select line command is invalid.

Line Commands for Member Lists

The ISPF line commands in Figure 3 supported by the Library Utility and enhanced member lists are:

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