Leiden, The Netherlands, July 26th, 2010

IntelliMagic is announcing their software suite for Storage Performance Management (SPM) today.

IntelliMagic has been a worldwide leader of Storage Performance Management solutions for many years with its RMF Magic solution for z/OS environments and Disk Magic performance modeling solution for mainframe and distributed systems. 

This announcement further extends the scope of the IntelliMagic solutions from mainframe platforms to also include distributed systems and it enhances the solutions with new areas of Storage Performance Management functionality.

“The performance of enterprise storage hardware is an area that large data centers are now addressing much more proactively”, said Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer, IntelliMagic’s Managing Director.

 “This is because with today’s storage architectures it is very difficult to ensure that the required I/O service levels are met without significant overspending on hardware.   Furthermore, even after overspending the risk of hot spots still exists due to the lack of visibility inside the storage system.  The inefficient use of storage hardware due to limited visibility and poor balance of workloads across the storage hardware resources is costing large data centers millions of dollars and can be avoided, while at the same time reducing risk”, said Houtekamer.

The new version of RMF Magic is named IntelliMagic Vision and will be available for z/OS mainframe sites using RMF and SMF data sources, and for distributed systems environments using SMI-S performance data directly from the storage array or optionally data from IBM’s TotalStorage Productivity Center (TPC).   IntelliMagic Vision provides full visibility inside the storage systems where performance bottlenecks occur.  It also provides early warning of upcoming problems with the automated daily health check and intuitive drill down features to quickly identify root causes.  IntelliMagic Vision is scheduled for release on September 30th 2010.

Disk Magic, the industry’s leading storage performance modeling solution, is renamed to IntelliMagic Direction and is available for mainframe and distributed systems environments.  The third product in the IntelliMagic Suite, IntelliMagic Balance, increases the performance capacity of storage systems by balancing workloads over resources inside the storage system and is available today for mainframe sites.

On their web site, IntelliMagic offers more information on their solutions as well as educational materials on Storage Performance Management.

IntelliMagic also offers a Storage Efficiency Report via their web site, which shows organizations the hidden throughput potential for their storage environment.

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