5. Reporting analysis results.

Gathering Application Element Information

Application element information was extracted from:

• Production source libraries, including Job Control Language (JCL), procedure, program and copybook libraries • Some system files, including the CICS System Definition (CSD) file and PSBs

• Batch execution and scheduling history

• Actual CICS program usage to capture information for dynamically loaded programs not in the CSD

• Application element change history.

A large amount of data was programmatically extracted and stored in files to allow manipulation of the information. Use of “error” and ”missing element” reports ensured all application elements were included in the files. We eliminated application elements that didn’t require conversion. After the analysis was complete, these files were regularly used by all programmers throughout the conversion project and were programmatically updated weekly. Figure 1 illustrates the files created in this first phase.


Characteristics of Application Elements Requiring Conversion

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