IT Management

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InfoServe's data center operates non-stop and delivers subsecond response times to 50 companies and 134 distinct locations. The data center supports 5,600 SAP users with 99.9 percent online availability. More than 300TB of storage is available on some 35 disks and a virtual tape subsystem with 256 logical drives. Data center services are protected against disaster through Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC) synchronous mirroring of production data in the Freiburg backup data center. If a problem occurs or a disaster is declared, the entire systems landscape switches to the backup data center, maintaining operation with no loss of data. Disaster planning is based on key questions:

  • Which IT processes and resources are critical?
  • How fast must a restart be possible?
  • Is data loss tolerable?

In addressing disaster recovery, the data center follows this strict, three-day timeline:

0 hours: Information to management E+H Group and required employees

1 hour: Notify IBM and summon backup hardware; switch remote connections to Freiburg

14 hours: Deliver IBM hardware

24 hours: Install hardware

36 hours: Start z/OS system with DB2

42 hours: Start Linux systems for SAP R/3

52 hours: Restore server environment and test remote connections

56 hours: Restart computer center operation with production data sets

72 hours: Deadline provides 16 hours reserve.