IT Management

In today’s highly competitive IT environment, personal and technical collaboration offers the greatest opportunity for success. This rule applies to all types of businesses, including enterprises, start-ups, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), developers, and academia.

All of these business groups and individuals work with the IBM mainframe, but often in different ways for different reasons. Can they find ways to collaborate with others to further their businesses and knowledge? How can they enhance their own skills to remain competitive?

One answer to both questions is to leverage the plentiful resources available from IBM. Mainframe users, partners, and academia can learn and collaborate in areas such as skill development and education, sales, and marketing support by tapping into IBM’s global programs and business centers. 

The results sought from IBM will vary by type of business. Start-ups and established organizations can grow their business by developing a relationship with IBM. Academia faculty can connect with industry to learn about the most relevant skills and market trends. ISVs can explore new technologies.

Let’s consider the novel resources available today for IBM partners, developers, ISVs, academia, and businesses.

IBM Innovation Centers

With more than 40 locations worldwide, IBM Innovation Centers (IICs) serve as a training and support “home base” for business, technology, and academic innovators at the local and global levels. These centers provide innovators with the opportunity to explore new technologies, build technical skills, develop innovative solutions, and collaborate with customers, colleagues, business partners, and suppliers.

IICs offer a wealth of resources:

• Training on more than 60 IBM hardware, software, and service offerings
• Technical and sales courses
• Formal skills certification training
• Linkage to IBM’s sales support for sales opportunity assistance
• Collaboration opportunities with IBM, IT professionals, academia, and business partners.

Virtual Innovation Center

For business partners seeking remote support, IBM’s Virtual Innovation Center features easy access to technical development, training, and sales support such as:

• Portal to the IBM technical enablement portfolio
• One-on-one guidance for development projects during all stages
• Interactive online courses
• Virtual and classroom-based workshops
• Live support and virtual mentoring through online chat and email
• Architecture consultations in more than eight languages.

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