H&W Computer Systems is announcing that it’s ready to provide Day One support for its industry-leading SYSB-II® software with z/OS 2.3.

H&W is offering Day One support to give customers confidence that the SYSB-II software will work with the new version of the z/OS operating system, as soon as the first day of its release. “We never know when customers will want to upgrade to a new z/OS version,” said H&W CEO and President, Matt Link. “We need to be ready to support SYSB-II with the new z/OS as soon as it’s available because customers rely on our software as a key part of their operations. We make sure that SYSB-II will do what it always does – just work seamlessly – even after an operating system upgrade so customers can keep running their businesses without interruption.”

The SYSB-II software allows mainframe CICS applications stay online and updating VSAM files while batch also updates the same VSAM files. This means companies can ensure current service hours, extend business hours, or expand to more time zones. For more information about SYSB-II, visit