H&W Computer Systems, Inc. (H&W) announced that it has released its leading SYSB-II software in the 6.7 version, which is focused on making recovery faster and easier. Among the new features is a way to automate the setup and execution of journaling and recovery. “Automation shortens the time customers need to set up journaling and then makes subsequent recovery faster by backing out changes to designated VSAM files after an abend,” said Matt Link, president and CEO of H&W.

“Automating these tasks really simplifies key functionality and saves customers time, which is always at a premium. It also reduces the number of complex, manual decisions a customer has to make regarding which changes need to be backed out after an abend in the batch process.”

This release also includes a new journaling type that helps ensure enough space for longer journals. And, it features enhanced support for SMS-managed data sets, which many organizations prefer so they can enforce rules about where certain data sets are stored.

SYSB-II is mainframe software that allows CICS applications relying on VSAM files to be online 24/7, without downtime to run batch. With SYSB-II, both CICS and batch applications can read and also update VSAM files at the same time, with integrity. This capability allows businesses to process more transactions, offer longer hours of service, and expand to more time zones. Organizations can continue to rely on their trusted CICS applications to provide key services without changing source code or assuming the cost, complexity, and risk of rearchitecting applications and data structures.