H&W Computer Systems (H&W) has announced that its SYSB-II® software is covered for Day One support with CICS 5.5, which IBM is releasing today. “With Day One support, H&W is ensuring that its SYSB-II software will work as expected with the new 5.5 release of CICS,” said Matt Link, CEO and president of H&W. “This support gives customers peace of mind that they can trust SYSB-II to be there when they need it.” Customers using the 6.7 release of SYSB-II are required to have PTF level 6.7.0p14 or greater for CICS 5.5 compatibility, and customers using the 6.6 release of SYSB-II will need 6.6.0p38 or greater. Companies worldwide – including some of the largest in America – rely on the SYSB-II software to allow CICS to remain online and updating VSAM files while batch also updates the VSAM files. Due to the importance of this functionality to users, H&W works to stay apprised of new versions of CICS and z/OS on the horizon so it can ensure SYSB-II will integrate with them seamlessly.