Business-software company H&W Computer Systems (H&W) has introduced the SYSB-AJR software, which automates recovery for companies running batch applications to reduce downtime and potential errors associated with manual file-restore processes.

“Manual file restores of VSAM files after an abend can be difficult and time-consuming,” said Matt Link, CEO and president of H&W. “In addition, more complex file restore scenarios can be prone to human error when not automated. SYSB-AJR is a big improvement over manual file-restore processes that most shops use today.”

After an abend, SYSB-AJR restores only the records within the VSAM files that batch changed, without manual intervention. In addition, SYSB-AJR can be implemented without any JCL or application changes.

“SYSB-AJR gives control back to organizations using it,” said Link. “Recovery begins almost before anyone realizes an abend occurred, and staff can immediately focus on fixing the problem and restarting the job. Once organizations implement SYSB-AJR, they won’t know how they ever lived without it.” For more information about SYSB-AJR, visit