Mainframe developers now have the ability to build APIs to connect legacy systems to modern technology faster and easier with GT Software’s latest Ivory Service Architect release. With Ivory Service Architect 6.0, developers can seamlessly integrate new technologies like mobile, web-based portals, business process management and packaged applications. Ivory easily extends access to the mainframe through industry standard SOAP or REST APIs — with no code written, generated or changed and with no additional MIPS usage. Mainframe integration is enabled, regardless of platform, programming language and data format. Ivory Service Architect also requires minimal training and can be quickly deployed.

“Our Ivory technology enables organizations to future-proof their IT investment by providing a solid link to leading edge technology, allowing them to rapidly adapt to evolving needs”, says Don Spoerke, Director of Product Management at GT Software. “With over 30 years of expertise built into the product across almost every online transaction environment, Ivory is one of the easiest-to-use and powerful mainframe integration technologies available to support today’s evolving API Economy”.

This latest Ivory release features comprehensive support for REST APIs, as well as the following enhancements:
· REST API generation and testing
· RESTful verb support (PUT, GET, POST, DELETE, OPTION and HEAD)
· Support of the SWAGGER OpenAPI for REST services
· Enhanced support for SOAP date/time fields with time zone offsets
· Enhanced command line interface for automated API creation
· Creation of the SAR file and necessary assets for IBM z/OS Connect integration