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In this scenario, it’s necessary to suspend an account if (and only if) there have already been two incorrect PINs entered in the last 24 hours. The Design tool is first used to add a new filter called “Two bad PIN changes already” to match as “true” after two “Bad_Pin_Change” events have occurred in the last 24 hours. Figure 7 shows a WBE filter to record two bad PIN changes.

Defining an Interaction Set

Now we want to invoke two actions if three bad PIN changes are attempted within a 24-hour period. To do this, we create an interaction set called “Suspend account due to bad PIN changes.” Figure 8 shows a WBE interaction for suspend/ email actions.

As with filter definitions, interaction set logic can be read in natural language. The image shows that the interaction set instructs WBE to invoke two actions after the third bad PIN change request and those actions are to suspend the account and send an email.

Putting It All Together

This scenario can be tested by issuing three “bad pin change request” transactions in CICS on the z/OS system. Each time this transaction runs, the SupportPac is invoked to format the event and place it on a local z/OS WebSphere MQ on which WBE is listening. On the first two occurrences of the bad pin change request, WBE notes the events, but takes no action. On the third occurrence of the bad pin change request, WBE takes the SOAP action and fires off the email previously defined.

The result of the SOAP action connector being invoked is a message sent to run a CICS Web service to suspend the account. The Web service issues a message showing the suspension of the account (line 7 in Figure 9). The bad pin change request transaction logs errors when the user fails to enter the correct password during PIN change attempts. Figure 9 shows the CICS logging of events. The result of the email action connector being invoked is an email sent to the account manager (see Figure 10).



This article examined how to set up an existing CICS application to issue events via the CICS CB11 SupportPac. This SupportPac lets CICS TS emit events to WBE and serves as an introduction to a future capability in which CICS will emit events to WBE without the need to change existing applications. The CB11 SupportPac also runs on CICS TS V4.1. For migration purposes, a CB11 compatibility option ensures that events emitted using the SupportPac will be compatible with events emitted to WebSphere Business Events using the “non-invasive” event support in CICS TS V4.1. We recommend you take advantage of this compatibility option.

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