CICS / WebSphere

The SupportPac program EPSEMIT reads the containers the application sent and reformats the contents into XML. The SupportPac program uses the WebSphere MQ queue name provided by the CICS application, and the CICSWebSphere MQ bridge (supplied with CICS) is used to place the XML data on this queue.

Business Action: WBE The WBE server component is a WebSphere Application Server (WAS) application. WBE comes with two core tools. The “Design Data” tool is used to define external business systems (known as “touchpoints”) that will interact with WBE, as well as the data objects required, and the “Design” tool is used to define the business event rules, which describe what happens when events come into WBE and certain patterns are identified.

The Design Data tool to define a “Bad_Pin_Change” event under a “CICS over MQ” touchpoint is used and a single WBE “Intermediate Object” to represent the bank account is defined. When an event arrives at the WBE server, it is mapped to the “Bad_Pin_ Change” event by a WBE connector. WBE connectors pass data payloads between touchpoints and the Java Message Service (JMS) message topic the WBE run-time uses. Event connectors recognize an event in a touchpoint and pass data either directly or indirectly through protocols such as HTTP to an internal JMS topic for evaluation by a set of defined interaction policies.

WBE Actions and Connectors

This scenario uses the SOAP action connector and email action connector. The Design Data tool was designed to define a SOAP action connector to call a CICS Web service to suspend the account. Creating the SOAP action requires importing the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) that describes the CICS Web service into the Design Data tool and mapping the input to the Web service to the AccountNumber from your Intermediate Object field.

Email Action

In addition to suspending the account, WBE is instructed to send an email to the account manager indicating that a potential fraud has happened so appropriate action can be taken.

JavaScript in the action object field allows the account number to be copied from the account intermediate object to the body of the email. Figure 6 shows the JavaScript to add the account number to an email alert.

At this point, the actions that should occur in this sample scenario have been defined, but not when and under what circumstances these actions should occur. This is achieved by defining WBE filters and interaction sets.

Defining a Filter

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