ESAi and Inspect-CPU Systems, Inc. are proud to announce the latest version of ICPU™ for CICS®, an APM tool that can easily be used by both applications and systems programmers.

Version 4.2.1 is a maintenance release that also has these enhancements:

  • Program concurrency display.
  • Source level support for Enterprise COBOL V6.
  • Improved exception notification messages.

ICPU version 4.2.1 is compatible with previous versions and any inspections taken.

ICPU builds upon version 4.2.0 which delivered major enhancements to improve product usability and functionality plus added new ways to improve the efficiency of CICS application programs.

Version 4.2.0 included the following enhancements:

  • CICS service requests and TCB switching statistics.  ICPU reports actual CICS service requests statistics including CICS commands that ran on the QR TCB.
  • Source level support for IBM PD TOOLS, including the Debug Tool and ENDEVOR output.

It identifies the programs which are the best candidates for threadsafe conversion opportunities. As more and more programs become threadsafe enabled, work is offloaded from the QR to an Open TCB resulting in reduced contention for the QR TCB and increasing throughput as more work will be done in parallel.

ICPU’s Unique Capabilities

ICPU is the only sampling product that automatically identifies the program and the executed code sequence that is causing CPU spikes resulting in erratic response times.

ICPU is the only real time sampling product that can run for an unlimited time on your production systems with negligible impact, presenting CPU savings opportunities, even for well-performing applications.

ICPU is the only sampling product that integrates itself easily with the application life-cycle and can be used by every CICS professional. ICPU supports members of the development and QA teams through all of the phases of the creation and maintenance cycles thus enabling delivery of efficient, well-tuned CICS applications. It is also useful in production where it helps discover application performance problems as they occur.

The earlier performance problems are discovered, the less it costs to fix them. A system with well-tuned applications is more stable, causes fewer service interruptions and prolongs the lifetime of your site's hardware.

In brief, ICPU is a powerful and simple tool. It is the only APM solution for CICS capable of being effectively used in any environment, for any length of time, by any number of application and systems programmers.

ICPU supports CICS versions from CICSTS 1.1 up to and including CICSTS 5.5, and any Z/OS version up to and including Z/OS 2.3.

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