Ensuring Recoverability in Mainframe Environments

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A variety of backup and recovery technologies are available to protect enterprise data. However, these don’t necessarily provide complete protection from logical failures or external physical failures, particularly with respect to restoring the application to a production state.

Recovery assurance software can help guarantee that application data is correctly and consistently backed up, making a logical recovery possible. Software technologies specifically designed to fulfill this will:

-        Identify all critical files with interrelationships between applications

-        Identify synchronization points to ensure a logical recovery point for applications

-        Ensure files are backed up or mirrored and available offsite during a recovery

-        Constantly monitor all applications for daily operation or any new changes

-        Document all applications in detail, noting important modifications

-        Provide automated, staged, synchronized recovery in an emergency

-        Allow any anticipated application migration from or to other operations

-        Maintain an updated, active DR plan, integrating all IT groups.

In the future, as encryption becomes a standard practice in data protection and recovery, data center managers should look to add encryption key location and management to their overall recovery strategy. This will ensure that data can be unencrypted as necessary during the recovery process.

4 Pages