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A major challenge in the area of batch processing and backup is the growth of information throughout the enterprise. Some analysts believe it’s as high as 60 percent per year. While tape has always provided the most inexpensive, yet accessible, storage available for batch backups, disaster recovery, and long-term archives, it has its limitations. If data has been stored on tape, it must first be reloaded before it can be accessed, further extending processing time, and it can be accessed only by first searching the tape serially, which also takes time.

EMC DLm4080 combines low-cost ATA-protected drives, RAID 6, hot standby disks with tape emulation and hardware compression, and the functionality necessary to provide enterprises with a high-capacity mainframe tape replacement solution for delivering increased application availability. It connects directly to the IBM System z using FICON or ESCON channels, and it appears to the mainframe operating system as standard IBM tape drives. All tape commands are supported by DLm4080 and respond as real tape drives so existing work processes and applications can run without making any modifications.

From shortened batch processing windows to improved data retrieval to lower operating costs and electronic data recovery, the benefits of DLm4080 are considerable. DLm4080 can:

• Eliminate all issues related to traditional tape handling such as manual intervention, physical movement to tape cartridges, and eliminate single points of failure

• Significantly improve performance by reallocating all the data to disk, and by using smart I/O buffering, batch windows are significantly reduced

• Work seamlessly with existing applications using tape management processes to automate tape vaulting without the need for additional System Managed Storage (SMS) routines and the management associated with them

• Electronically recover data using TCP/IP-based replication capabilities so that tape volumes stored in DLm4080 can be automatically duplicated to a remote location over standard IP connections

• Easily scale as workloads increase without the need for additional subsystems, libraries, network connections, etc.

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W hat About Archiving?

The EMC DLm4080 doesn’t do long-term archiving, so EMC also offers a long-term archiving solution for the mainframe market that combines EMC Centera storage with Bus-Tech MAS technology. With the Bus-Tech MAS/EMC Centera solution, response times to retrieve deep-archived data reach near-DASD speeds. This solution is available through the EMC Select program and can be ordered through an EMC sales representative. For information on the Bus-Tech MAS/EMC Centera solution, visit Z