Modern IT, with its various hardware and software solutions, undoubtedly influences the earning power of an enterprise. While IT plays an essential role in the fulfillment of enterprise-specific tasks, it also requires cost-oriented, permanent, and critical reviews of processes and human resources to determine their value to the organization’s bottom line.

Lufthansa Systems is one of the world’s leading IT service providers for the airline and aviation industry. With one of the most modern data centers in Europe, the system integrator covers the entire spectrum of IT services, from consulting, through the development and implementation of applications, to reliable 24x7 operations. Based on many years of experience, a deep understanding of aviation processes, and extensive technological expertise, Lufthansa Systems is continually expanding its range of offerings to other industries. As an international IT service provider, Lufthansa Systems is focused on the continual expansion of its activities around the world. The company has a global presence and sales structure that are oriented on its international target markets. Local points of contact ensure short response times and a close proximity to customers.

Competitiveness is the key to its success. Building blocks for this success are outsourcing of application development and parts of its maintenance activities, as well as insourcing of complete IT environments as a service provider.

Cost reduction, new fields of business, flexibility of the employees, and quality are the guidelines for added value at Lufthansa Systems. Its meticulous IT review processes illustrate one of the ways the company secures its economical standing.

Processes on Trial

As long as Lufthansa Systems has been working with DB2, it has put its existing processes and software solutions up for review. Over a stretch of more than 14 years, it always has been company policy to examine and, if necessary, replace maintenance procedures with new processes that secure optimal DB2 operations.

In 2006, with DB2 V8, Lufthansa Systems once again placed its database maintenance on trial. Together with SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GMBH, Lufthansa Systems developed qualitative and quantitative goals to secure opportunities resulting from innovation and to protect return on investment.

From 1992 until 2006, a maintenance process had been in place for the 56 DB2 subsystems, which automatically executed the necessary DB2 utilities during the nightly batch window. That maintenance process withstood the test using the typical batch cycles of the past, but was no longer state-of-the-art in today’s 24x7 environment. With the old process, the maintenance and recovery state was optimal only directly after execution of the utilities, but it increasingly deteriorated up to the next nightly run of the utilities. Often, certain utilities could not be executed because the batch window was simply too small.

Lessons Learned

With SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, Lufthansa Systems is able to run utilities on demand during the day and night, as needed. RealTime DBAExpert for DB2 z/OS performs maintenance during non-peak times, which optimizes available resources and improves recoverability and performance through the execution of just-in-time utilities. E-Business on demand requires the abolition of the classical separation of online and batch processing. Better usage of IBM’s capacity-on-demand is enabled by distributed, workload-balanced execution because daily load sharing can be automatically and optimally controlled.

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