Converting To & From RACF Universal Groups

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• Add the group back into RACF without the UNIVERSAL flag.

• Reconnect all the members back into the newly defined standard group.

• Reset any members whose default group needed to be temporarily reassigned.

Again, that’s a significant task list.

Perhaps you’ll just leave the UNIVERSAL group intact.

But maybe there’s a real need to convert to a standard RACF group. After creating and using the UNIVERSAL group, maybe you realize you’ll never encroach on the member limit of a standard RACF group. Or, possibly, if the number of connected members doesn’t exceed 5,957, you’ve determined that a quick conversion to a standard group would let you obtain a connected member list and you’ll convert right back to a UNIVERSAL group. These might be reasons to convert to a standard RACF group. A tool that can be used to convert a UNIVERSAL group to a standard group, in place, would be handy.

For both conversion scenarios, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a utility that would take care of all that under the covers? This article provides two utilities for that purpose. The CNV2UGRP utility can convert a standard RACF group to a RACF UNIVERSAL group, in place. The CNV2SGRP utility can convert a RACF UNIVERSAL group to a standard RACF group, in place.

The program source for the CNV2UGRP and CNV2SGRP utilities is available at http://zjournal.tcipubs. com/issues/DouglasUtilities.html.


5 Pages