IT Management

Every industry has a unique set of challenges. Governments are looking for ways to make their cities run more efficiently and intelligently. Healthcare organizations must reduce fraud so they can invest in improved patient care. Financial organizations need to better understand individual customer needs and deliver solutions that meet them.

In each instance, data is key. The prospect of using data for your business’s advantage is an exciting one—especially when you consider it can translate into a better customer experience, reduced operational costs, and the ability to capture new markets.

Since the challenges, the data, and the insight derived from the data all are unique, the IT solution should be unique as well. When it comes to enterprise-class solutions, IBM System z industry solutions address these pain points through a series of integrated hardware, software, and services offerings. These solutions address key business initiatives to support operational analytics, trusted resilience, and efficiency and industry challenges.

Smarter Cities: Across the globe, governments are seeking new ways to effectively provide services to support the health and welfare of its citizens, respond to public safety threats, and enhance transportation systems. At the same time, they face the challenges posed by disparate systems across multiple, disconnected departments; they lack a single, integrated view of events, and they’re unable to rapidly share information among agencies.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities integrates data visualization, real-time collaboration, and deep analytics to help city agencies prepare for problems before they happen, accelerate problem response, and improve project coordination. This intelligent, interconnected environment provides a forum for collaboration and helps agencies make smarter, more effective decisions.

Smarter Banking: Dealing with massive amounts of data is a problem banks face as they work to become more customer-centric. Banks are looking to gain insight into which products and services are most important to customers and improve the quality and speed of risk-reporting, insight, and decision-making.

FSS Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Solution provides deep understanding and insight of customers’ behavior and needs and identifies possible violations of industry regulations and government mandates in real-time. It can help banks reduce operational risk, achieve compliance, meet regulatory objectives, and fight financial crimes. It also helps more accurately identify products from which customers can benefit, based on their financial goals.

Smarter Healthcare: Each year tens of billions of dollars are lost because of healthcare fraud, abuse and waste, according to some estimates. Because healthcare organizations are under great pressure to pay claims quickly and often lack the resources and technology to identify and combat fraud effectively, costs from fraud and abuse continue to rise.

IBM Smarter Analytics Signature Solution: Anti-Fraud, Waste and Abuse for Healthcare detects suspicious claims before payment, learning from the latest data to minimize loss from overpayments, reduces the number of false claims paid, and optimizes efficiencies. The solution recommends the most effective remedy for each case, optimizing an organization’s finite resources.

Smarter Insurance: Policyholders are sophisticated in their knowledge of insurance products and want to do business through multiple channels, including social media. They also want more dynamic products that are easier to personalize, which requires agility and intelligence.

IBM Genelco Insurance Administration Solution accelerates product creation while taking advantage of consolidation and virtualization to deliver a more manageable enterprisewide insurance solution. The result is quicker time to value with a lower cost of operations, as well as an integrated view of the customer to improve customer satisfaction.

Of course, these are just a few of the new solutions System z offers. We’re growing our solution portfolio, and we will continue to introduce offerings to address our clients’ unique needs.

Implementing these types of modern technologies, which were built specifically for industries, can help generate rapid, actionable insight from the core business process data that your business is built on. When integrated as an end-to-end solution, you can achieve greater core-business process efficiency. The result? Savings that can be reinvested to address changing business requirements and deliver value back to your organization and your customers.