IT Management

Being an executive in IBM, you learn quickly that you aren’t the position; you’re simply the steward of that position. I’ve been fortunate to serve as the IBM System z vice president and business line executive for more than three years. This past November, I was named vice president, Storage Systems Development and I look forward to continuing to help our clients advance their businesses by leveraging IBM products. Mike Desens takes on the mantle, becoming the vice president and business line executive for System z, and brings with him a wealth of experience with the platform.

This is an exciting time for System z. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the IBM mainframe. This historical moment is the result of the dedication and relentless efforts of the thousands of dedicated IBMers, researchers, supporters, clients and business partners who have driven continuous innovations for System z clients worldwide. As we begin a new era of the mainframe and look to the future, we understand there’s so much more to be explored and so many more innovations to uncover. Uncovering the future of computing will begin with a single question—
“What’s possible?”

Here at IBM, it’s our mission to help you address this question. In doing so, we remain determined to build upon and exploit our many years of delivering innovation that matters, to deliver unprecedented business value and truly daring technologies to empower you, and to vastly improve the lives of your clients and transforming industries throughout the world.

We look forward to building on the strength of the mainframe and utilizing the many great minds within IBM to deliver transformative technologies that will address our clients’ challenges of the future. This past year was a great way to transition into this new era of our history. In 2013 alone, IBM announced that IBM System z broke through the 100,000 transaction per second (TPS) mark by reaching 117,292 TPS on a single IMS 13 Fast Path environment. IBM also completed the acquisition of Israel-based CSL International, which significantly expands System z’s cloud capabilities (including simplified management of virtualized Linux on System z).

This past year, IBM also introduced a new business class system—the IBM zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12) midrange server, new software capabilities, new industry solutions and innovations supporting cloud, analytics, mobile and security—ending the year as CRN Magazine’s top 10 “Coolest Server of 2013.” Our tradition of excellence will continue this year, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the mainframe.

As we’ve done for 50 years, we look to deliver smarter systems and technologies that will transform the way you live, work and thrive in the future. Our vision is laser-focused. IBM will remain committed to ongoing innovation and reinvention for the mainframe—delivering on the promise of our past and driving new innovations that will propel you and your organization into the future. With the continuous transformation of the mainframe, we look to empower you, our clients, to convert the impossible to possible.

Our tradition of game-changing technologies won’t stop with the anniversary of the mainframe. This is just the beginning of a new historical era for the mainframe and we encourage you to join us for the journey.

System z is in good hands, led by general manager Pat Toole, new vice president and business line executive, Mike Desens, business partners, all the IBMers led by them and most of all, you, our clients. Together we will continue System z’s tradition of excellence.  

Please take a moment to mark your calendars for the 50th anniversary of the mainframe, April 7.