CICS / WebSphere

Greater Control

CICS V4.1 provides a higher level of control in several areas. Certain new features will help control costs by simplifying IT infrastructure and improving development and operations productivity; these include:

• Easier-to-use interfaces and functions

• New monitoring for new functionality

• Enhanced dynamic workload balancing for high-volume traffic

• Improved broader IP support on the IBM inter-connectivity roadmap

• Support for Java 6.

There also have been improvements in performance that manifest themselves in traditional workloads, dynamic workload management, TCP/IP connectivity, and XML parsing. Specifically:

• In the system management area, the non-invasive emission of CICS events greatly reduces the effort required to event-enable an application.

• Integrated system management provides better operational control.

• The CICS Explorer, the new face of CICS available as a SupportPac for CICS TS V3, will give V4 users a more powerful tooling environment to help experienced, skilled IT staff be more productive and provide a more intuitive experience for less knowledgeable team members.


The new version of CICS provides a platform for business growth and evolution. With new support for Business Events, Web 2.0, and the CICS Explorer, CICS Transaction Server for z/OS V4.1 will enable IT departments and line of business leaders to do more with less and do it right—capturing emerging opportunities as markets recover while maintaining business control and demonstrating compliance to relevant regulatory obligations.

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