CA Technologies has announced “Day One” support for IBM’s z14 for key CA mainframe solutions. CA’s solutions leverage the new z14 platform to greatly decrease the threat surface associated with data breaches where there is degradation of performance associated with increased encryption needs.

“IBM’s customers are leveraging their mainframe investments to support new workloads for areas such as Big Data, IoT, blockchain, machine learning and cloud services,” said Ross Mauri, general manager, IBM Z. “Our partnership with CA affords customers the opportunity to advance their businesses with solutions designed for digital trust, speed and usability at scale on the IBM z14.”

Data-centric security and privacy meet pervasive encryption

There are new regulations that are swiftly coming into play, such as the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement and European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that focus on data privacy. From finding and classifying to protecting and alerting, IBM and CA collectively provide unified enterprise security that helps increase an organization’s compliance structure across new and existing mainframes.

CA Data Content Discovery (CA DCD) supports and complements the new z14’s pervasive encryption capability by identifying where sensitive data is stored and classifying that data to be more selective on how and who can access which data. And, as data is shared and exchanged with third parties, CA DCD adds controls for sensitive data-in-motion.

Blockchain – the next transactional system of record

Customers are increasingly adopting blockchain to transform many industries with new distributed business models. With its unique security characteristics, such as hardware-attached FIPS 140-2 level 4 encryption or tamper proof secure containers, and its scalability requirements, the mainframe is increasingly the platform of choice for organizations to scale from their distributed ledger proof-of-concept to production-grade implementations.

“z14 is a system of trust, and when combined with CA’s standards-based approach to blockchain services, it offers usability, speed, data-centric security and enterprise scale,” said Ashok Reddy, general manager, Mainframe, CA Technologies. “This is important when implementing blockchain, as ultimately it is an internet of trust consisting of a set of applications that support digital identity management relating to personally identifiable information (PII), big data and the IoT.”

CA works with financial services, insurance and retail customers and is engaged in the Hyperledger project to deliver faster time to market and increased operational management of Blockchain implementations.

Real-time Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

With more than 70 percent of corporate data on mainframes, the IBM z14 is the platform of choice for real-time machine learning and AI. When combined with CA’s predictive intelligent automation services, IBM’s z14 will enable customers to operate their mission critical services to consistently meet or exceed SLA requirements.

CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence is included in the recently published Forrester Landscape: Cognitive Operations*. According to a Forrester report co-authored by Mike Gualtieri, vice president, principal analyst serving application development and delivery professionals, “AIOps primarily focuses on applying machine learning algorithms to create self-learning – and potentially self-healing – applications and infrastructure.”

To learn more about CA’s Day One support for IBM z14 and a list of supported products, click here.