CA MAX/REXX™ customers facing “End of Life” and “End of Support” can migrate to a fully-supported replacement with RLX from Relational Architects International (RAI). “RAI is working directly with CA MAX/REXX™ customers to provide a quick and easy conversion,” said Carl Feinberg, CEO of RAI.

RLX EXECs can be developed rapidly with far less coding than applications written in compiled and assembled languages. They can also be tested directly within ISPF Edit with immediate feedback, extensive diagnostics and context sensitive help. RLX extensions make REXX the ideal Rapid Application Development tool with ample power to tackle the kinds of applications once written in COBOL, PL/1, C—even Assembler language. “RLX lets you ‘Do it all in REXX" Feinberg advised.

“RLX for DB2 lets developers code SQL/XML statements and XQuery expressions natively within REXX execs with support that’s robust and flexible as that for COBOL,” Feinberg continued. RLX EXECs can be developed rapidly and tested immediately without the pre-process, compile, link-edit and BIND steps required by DB2 applications written in compiled and assembled languages. RLX supports both the static SQL syntax used in compiled host languages like COBOL as well as the dynamic SQL syntax employed by IBM’s DSNREXX. In addition, “RLX can run existing DSNREXX applications without source changes and provides full support for all new DB2 for z/OS features such as XML and LOBs which DSNREXX does not", Feinberg continued.

The companion suite of REXX Language Xtensions for z/OS greatly expands what users can do with REXX in the z/OS environment. RLX/VSAM provides a native VSAM interface for REXX that supports all read, write and delete operations on all VSAM file types. The RLX/Software Development Kit provides a robust and expanding set of REXX enhancement functions—such as RACF security interfaces; access to MVS supervisor services; parsing, tokenizing and sorting facilities; and much, much more.

Relational Architects International has provided best of breed solutions for z/OS, DB2 for z/OS and TSO/ISPF for nearly three decades. Its quality products and superb 24 x 365 support have made it a trusted partner in z/OS enterprise computing, with a proven record of supporting mission-critical processing for the Global 2000. For more information, please visit RAI’s web site at or call +1-201-420-0400.