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Once you’ve defined the event conditions to your event management system, including filtering and correlating them, you can define actions to take when the event is triggered. Those actions may include starting another business process for certain types of fraud handling.

Like BRMS, business event processing systems aren’t technically a part of the formal BPM systems since they can be used outside of process management. Most notably, event processing is used in the systems management discipline. However, the function provided by a business event processing system is critical to a robust implementation of BPM.

BPM Scenario

JK Insurance Co., a fictitious insurance company, provides property and casualty insurance to individuals and several hundred small- and medium-size businesses. Policies are sold through a network of independent agents.

JK’s current Claims Processing System (CPS) is a combination of legacy CICS and VSAM developed in 1987 with some front-end WebSphere developed in 2002 that provides customer access through the Web. Customers can submit new claims, check on the status of existing claims, and add new information to existing claims. CPS uses the Customer Reference Database (CRD) to access information for customers submitting or updating claims. Also in the CRD is information about whether the customer is an individual or company member.

JK recently evaluated the CPS system and decided to take steps to modernize it by adopting an SOA. Initially, they began to service-enable the CICS applications invoked by the Web frontend through the use of CICS Web services. While this has given them some flexibility, they really feel a BPM system would move them to the next level since their processes are currently defined in a high-level routing application. When process changes are needed, the application development team must get involved and it can take from six months to a year to fully implement and deploy changes.

For JK to start with BPM, they will model the existing business process. This can occur independently of the actual implementation and will result in a starting set of WS-BPEL that can be used to begin process improvements.

Current Claims Process for Individuals

Figure 2 shows a small part of the current process. While this process has been modeled using BPM tools, the process flow is currently implemented as a set of CICS programs. A group of senior claims adjusters review physical folders to handle high-value claims.

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