Progressive IT executives know that effective management of all aspects of the z/OS environment is essential to business success. If disparate mainframe systems, subsystems and infrastructure aren’t functioning at their best, an organization is simply not maximizing its crucial It resources.

BMC software understands that improving z/OS efficiency is an integral part of a comprehensive Business service Management (BSM) strategy. To that end, BMC® MAINVIEW® software products represent a powerful, scalable and cost-effective solution path to automating, monitoring, managing and optimizing z/OS applications and resources.

Newly updated to respond to customer demand and business realities, the BMC MAINVIEW family offers:

  • Business-centric zSeries systems management, capacity management, and intelligent optimization for the mainframe infrastructure, including z/OS, DB2, IMS, CICS, USS, IP, MQ, WAS, storage, and other subsystems
  • Automation and a single-point-of-control for the entire mainframe environment, including a geographically dispersed parallel sysplex
  • Comprehensive BSM when combined with complementary BMC products and solutions.


  • Single System Image (SSI): All MAINVIEW monitoring and automation solutions feature single-point-of-entry control capability to display collected data from multiple sources—all in a single view as if the data were generated from a single system. SSI architecture supports both parallel and non-parallel sysplex environments.
  • Navigational Ease: Users can seamlessly work among MAINVIEW products without backing out of their current tasks. hyperlink fields link to additional data to provide greater detail about potential problems. hyperlinks cross product, subsystem, system and sysplex boundaries—and they can be easily defined and customized via a comprehensive command line interface.
  • Historical Data: By efficiently displaying historical data, users can re-create and compare the current operating environment to other specified periods. Multiple data intervals spanning hours, days or weeks can be displayed and summarized for trending analysis—and performance Assurance enables accurate capacity planning.
  • Batch Reports: Without changing the JCL, users can submit a job each day to report on key performance elements from the previous day.
  • Exception Monitoring: the Alarm Manager feature displays and manages all MAINVIEW alerts, regardless of their source. choose to display a single view showing alerts for all MAINVIEW performance monitors within the enterprise— or display alert details sorted by time, queue name or priority.
  • Management by Application: BMC MAINVIEW solutions enable all application components to come together in a single composite picture that shows application performance as compared to expected service levels. This allows users to quickly identify and act on system performance fluctuations that affect critical business services.
  • BMC MAINVIEW Explorer: MAINVIEW explorer provides Web browser access to all MAINVIEW monitoring solutions. One mouse click produces easy-to-read charts and graphs that allow users to monitor performance of z/OSsystems and associated subsystems while indicating any existing exception conditions.

The MAINVIEW solution suite has been newly updated to provide new advances in a number of areas— strengthening an already formidable product offering:

BMC MAINVIEW Transaction Analyzer uses data from other BMC MAINVIEW monitoring products to track and correlate the resources used by complex transactions across multiple mainframe systems and deliver rapid problem isolation.

 BMC MAINVIEW for WebSphere Application Server features multi-PAS support and support of multiple targets on a single system—it also offers enhanced console messages, menu restructuring and performance enhancement for views.

BMC Discovery for Mainframes provides CMDB model extensions and specialized collectors to ensure the mainframe environment is a full participant in the Discovery process. It managers get the visibility they need to act on the complex interdependencies between applications and their underlying infrastructures.

In the final analysis, the BMC MAINVIEW product family offers best-of-breed solutions for managing, automating and optimizing complex mainframe infrastructures—and new enhancements have made it even better. Z