Efficient Batch Processing for Your Business Because “It’s About Time”  

Today’s business requirements have evolved to the point where 24x7 data availability is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity for any high-performance organization. Batch processing remains the backbone of most large organizations’ IT systems. However, many batch jobs, while still functional, have become antiquated and have not benefited from advances in technology, coding practices, or processing methods. Because the costs and resource drains associated with rewriting old code and modifying JCL can be prohibitive, managers have often been content to live with the inherent inefficiencies of existing batch processes. 

Nevertheless, IT professionals understand that optimizing the batch process can greatly increase the efficiency of their organization’s application portfolios. This, coupled with the increased demands on cost containment, has shaped the need for automated optimization techniques that will in-turn deliver tangible improvements in both resource optimization and efficiency, while providing direct benefit to the bottom line. 

An Elegant Batch Optimization Solution  

BMC MAINVIEW Batch Optimizer®‚ is a unique to the market and completely scalable solution that streamlines batch processes and greatly reduces run-times with minimal demand on an organization’s IT staff and resources. 

BMC MAINVIEW Batch Optimizer leverages proprietary job optimization and data piping technologies in combination with its advanced data optimization techniques. The result is a valuable, cost-effective solution that is extremely simple to implement and compatible with existing tools. Perhaps most crucial to IT managers, the implementation process requires no resource-consumptive JCL changes or modifications, and leverages its open design when coexisting or replacing other batch optimization solutions. This solution significantly reduces elapsed batch processing times and widens the batch window to allow more time for problem-solving; this in turn helps organizations stay online longer while meeting their service level agreements. 

Data Optimization  

The BMC MAINVIEW Batch Optimizer solution maximizes elapsed-time savings for a wide variety of programs, access methods, and file types. 

Key BMC MAINVIEW Batch Optimizer functionality:  

  • Dynamic buffer adjustments and processing techniques
  • Builds Local Shared Resources (LSR) buffer pools and dynamically switches to LSR processing for random access
  • Read-ahead for fast sequential access during LSR processing
  • Automatically sets VSAM options (e.g., deferred write)
  • Buffer and control block optimization (virtual storage relief).  

Step Optimization  

Batch job streams often contain steps that form a logical unit to drive a business function (i.e., payroll process or producing invoices); however, the relationships between these steps may vary. BMC MAINVIEW Batch Optimizer automatically identifies opportunities for these steps to run concurrently and logically separates the batch job to execute multiple steps in parallel. Through parallel execution, steps that would otherwise run sequentially now run simultaneously to deliver significant elapsed time savings. 

Job Optimization  

BMC MAINVIEW Batch Optimizer provides in-memory piping of data between jobs, further expanding on the piping concept. Jobs that would have required sequential execution are now able to run in parallel, significantly reducing batch run-times. This not only provides critical optimization for daily and weekly processing, it is also highly valuable for monthly and cyclical processing, thus allowing critical business demands to be realized. When coupled with the integration of the BMC CONTROL-M scheduling solution, these batch optimization benefits are further enhanced to enable even more effective management of the batch portfolio. 

Candidate Utility  

Available at http://www.bmc.com, the BMC MAINVIEW Batch Optimizer candidate utility can help you better understand which jobs may benefit from I/O optimization and parallel execution. Often, significant elapsed time savings and its related benefits are both demonstrable and easily quantifiable.