BM has announced that it is furthering its commitment to provide mainframe customers with innovative software solutions that exploit the latest technologies, including the pervasive encryption provided with the ultra-secure IBM®z14™ mainframe. Through its close partnership with IBM, BMC is one of the first companies worldwide to deploy the IBM z14.

BMC provides the fastest and most efficient mainframe database backup and recovery solutions for protecting customers and ensuring critical business data is secure and recoverable on the z14 – the most secure server platform in the industry.

By implementing the z14, BMC is well positioned to leverage the z14 mainframe's capabilities into its solutions, ensuring BMC customers will be able to rapidly gain access to software, including backup and recovery solutions, that takes advantage of the IBM z14 mainframe's pervasive encryption capabilities.

“Being at the forefront of leading edge technologies, while also accelerating value and impact for our mainframe solution customers, is a key priority for our team. By developing and testing our software on the latest IBM hardware, BMC ensures our customers quickly get access to the best of both worlds: powerful BMC software that delivers the ultimate digital advantage running on the latest IBM z14 mainframe,” said Bill Miller, president of ZSolutions at BMC. “Through our close partnership with IBM, we're already ahead of the game in delivering the latest capabilities to our mainframe customers, along with the highest levels of availability, reliability, performance, risk reduction, and cost management.”

The IBM z14 also offers the advanced security that is critical with today's security and compliance initiatives, including the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR.) The z14 mainframe makes it possible to encrypt data associated with any application, cloud service, or database. Enterprises fully incorporating these capabilities into their digital transformation and security and compliance initiatives, including GDPR, will benefit from software that has been designed, developed, and fully tested to take advantage of the IBM z14 mainframe's latest features. 

A key part of the GDPR regulation, which goes into effect in May 2018, is making sure that companies' mainframe data is secure and recoverable in a timely manner. With BMC's data management and recovery solutions for Db2® and IMS™, BMC customers can trust they have solutions that offer:

Fast recovery from any data loss or corruption.
Proof that data is recoverable and that recovery is timely.
Repeatable processes to ensure continued compliance.
Integrity validation for unstructured data in Db2.

"IBM Z helps clients tackle today's most difficult challenges with breakthrough technology and capability," said Ross Mauri, general manager, IBM Z. "You'd expect it to have massive transaction scale, and it does. Even better, its ability to pervasively encrypt application data at scale is second to none. IBM z14 and the solutions BMC provides can help our mutual customers accelerate their digital business journey."

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