Operating Systems

BMC Discovery for z/OS

BMC Software has earned its position as one of the industry’s most respected solution providers—within the mainframe and across multiple applications and platforms. And the company continues to be evangelical in its strategic approach to the integration of business and IT.

BMC has consistently shown numerous enterprise clients that the wisest, most cost-effective way to bring business and IT closer together is through the implementation of a comprehensive Business Service Management (BSM) strategy. To that end, the company has created BMC® Discovery for z/OS.

A growing body of evidence points to the fact that the mainframe is here to stay. In fact, proper management of mainframe resources continues to gain importance as a key part of an intelligent and integrated BSM strategy. Simply put, BSM implementations must include the mainframe.

IT professionals understand where the problems lie: Organizations need to collect mainframe data, identify mainframe configuration items, and know precisely how they are configured. But the sheer number of interrelated IT components and configurations—as well as the constant changes introduced by business and technology needs— makes manual tracking difficult, if not impossible. It’s both impractical and costly to conduct manual audits and maintain IT service relationships and application dependency mapping information.

Enter BMC Discovery for z/OS—an intelligent and powerful solution that provides a number of benefits, one of the most important of which is the ability to identify the internal process running within mainframes. BMC Discovery for z/OS extends BMC Topology Discovery to the mainframe and allows organizations to quickly and easily build an inventory of critical physical and logical entities along with their interrelationships. This information is then populated in the BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for service modeling and service impact analysis.

Through this process, BMC enterprise clients can automatically collect information about mainframe configuration items and populate the CMDB. Repeating this discovery automatically keeps the CMDB current and cements its status as the single point of truth.

BSM Logically Enabled

For the first time, BMC’s Mainframe Discovery solution allows organizations to include mainframe transactions and IT processes under an enterprisewide BSM strategy. Within a typical service management IT environment, the mainframe is identified as a server by other discovery tools—but what’s always been missing has been the ability to interrogate the partitions and data within the mainframe.

Bolstered by BMC’s distributed systems discovery capabilities, BMC Mainframe Discovery offers organizations BMC Discovery for z/OS Business Service Management Personified a full, real-time view of their business services across the enterprise. These solutions allow for seamless integration and a unique interoperability, thereby streamlining operations and enabling IP workstations to retrieve and trace information from within the mainframe and deliver it intact and in context.

The benefits are numerous:

  • Reduced IT costs, improved ROI and better business agility via the release of more resources to support the business’s bottom line
  • Faster application response time and improved data availability increase efficiency and streamline business problem detection and resolution
  • Accelerated access to data and comprehensive business intelligence further free up business and IT resources and provide quicker time to value
  • Real-time provisioning of information from the mainframe across the enterprise aligns the entire IT infrastructure—including mainframe partitions and subsystems—with business objectives.

In the final analysis, BMC Discovery for z/OS and its related components provide organizations with an efficient and cost-effective way to harness the power of the mainframe as a crucial part of a comprehensive BSM strategy. Z