BMC Control-M & BMC Batch Impact Manager

Mainframe professionals recognize the importance of implementing Business Service Management (BSM) processes across their enterprises. But all too often, a BSM strategy can focus too narrowly on online assets.

Hardware, application servers, databases, networks, and ERP servers are vitally important—but they’re not the whole BSM enchilada.

BMC Software correctly points out that a comprehensive BSM implementation also must incorporate BSM practices in workload automation. And that includes proactive monitoring and management of critical batch jobs.

BMC® CONTROL-M, BMC® CONTROLM/ Forecast, and BMC® Batch Impact Manager are powerful solutions that can help organizations implement a successful enterprisewide BSM strategy while substantially reducing the costs associated with managing and deploying an automated scheduling environment.

BMC CONTROl-M: Updated and Improved

As it has proved in the real-world marketplace, BMC CONTROL-M helps organizations centralize operations while improving ROI, reducing costs, managing risk, and increasing productivity. CONTROL-M offers proactive management and automation to ensure critical processes run seamlessly—within the mainframe and across multiple applications and platforms, including FTP processes, ERP servers, J2EE, Web services, and JMS servers.

Newly released in Version 6.3, BMC CONTROL-M offers advanced real-time batch impact monitoring, business reporting, forecasting, and a host of other business-critical integration capabilities. New functionality includes:

Agentless Scheduling reduces costs by eliminating Agent Installation and Maintenance while maintaining full CONTROL-M functionality and providing out-of-the-box support for new operating system platforms.

Centralized Management reduces server costs, eliminates redundant definitions, and provides enterprisewide management from a single focal point.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency includes CONTROLM/ Desktop workspaces, condition inheritance, intuitive menus, and the ability to run jobs with a single mouse click.

Remedy Integration includes out-of-the-box support for Remedy.

CMDB integration allows close monitoring of critical batch processes through change management.

BMC Batch Impact Manager: Turbo-Charging the CONTROl-M Environment

BMC Batch Impact Manager is a vital component of any successful BSM implementation. Batch-related failures or external events (hardware or network problems, for example) can cause unacceptable delays that compromise an organization’s ability to meet its SLAs and adversely affect the accuracy and ontime completion of vital business processes. BMC Batch Impact Manager can help predict and negate those failures before your business is affected. Functionality includes:

  • Manage critical batch processes from a business perspective
  • Proactively detect potential delays and errors in the batch business process to avoid service interruptions and ensure on-time completion of jobs
  • Prioritize the resolution of delayed or failed batch business processes based on their business impact
  • Seamless integration with the BMC CONTROL-M environment
  • Provides substantial benefits for an organization even if it isn’t fully BSM-ready.

In sum, BMC CONTROL-M and BMC Batch Impact Manager, augmented by BMC CONTROL-M/Forecast, BMC Remedy and BMC Service Impact Manager, combine to offer vital solutions that help organizations manage information and automate the workflow—and they’re well-positioned to serve as essential components of any successful BSM strategy. Z