New Functionality Automatically Secures Access to the DB2 V8 Migration Path in Advance  

Most IT professionals are familiar with SOFTWARE ENGINEERING’s Bind ImpactExpert for DB2 and z/OS. In fact, many are already leveraging Bind ImpactExpert to automate their daily bind and re-bind processes. ImpactExpert seamlessly automates analysis and management of DB2 binds and re-binds by selectively intercepting and eliminating unnecessary binds and suppressing re-binds that can degrade application performance across an organization’s entire production environment. Through this process, Bind ImpactExpert helps ensure optimal performance on a 24x7 basis and greatly increases return on investment.

 ImpactExpert has been augmented with a powerful upgrade. It is now supercharged with an intelligent migration aid to secure performance between DB2 releases. This new functionality has been dubbed EarlyPrecheck. 

How Does EarlyPrecheck Work?  

ImpactExpert has always provided migration time protection with analysis that occurred during or after a DB2 upgrade. That process fully protected systems against access path degradation. However, the built-in migration time precheck provided no automated mechanism to do the analysis in advance—until now. 

EarlyPrecheck functionality adds a new dimension to ImpactExpert by creating an automated process that allows organizations to evaluate access path problems for both Dynamic and Static SQL prior to an actual DB2 version upgrade. 

Perform Access Path Evaluations Weeks Before Migration  

This functionality allows for in-depth analyses and pre- emptive correction of access path issues. EarlyPrecheck’s automated process migrates catalog statistics and plan table information from an existing DB2 production environment to a new version, creating an environment where static SQL statements can be analyzed for access path changes. The ImpactExpert interface categorizes access paths as Improved, Worsened, or Unchanged. Drilling down to specific SQL statements for corrective action becomes an extremely fast and automated process. 

Dynamic SQL is evaluated by capturing statements from the DB2 Dynamic Statement Cache and dynamically explaining the Dynamic SQL under DB2 V7. The result of the explain process is then moved to the V8 staging environment where the captured SQL is explained again.

ImpactExpert compares the access paths and transfers the results into the ImpactExpert interface for evaluation. 

Identify V8-Specific Access Path Changes  

Specific access path changes are typical with a migration to DB2 V8. The new feature includes the capability to filter out expected access path changes so non-critical access path changes can be ignored and attention can be focused on true access path issues. 

Plus, identification of V8-specific changes helps influence the Optimizer’s access path decisions. The V8 Optimizer often requires extended statistics or particular object attributes such as VOLATILE. ImpactExpert pinpoints and categorizes the expected V8 access path changes, thus enabling the Data Base Administrator (DBA) to identify the objects that require adjustments. 

ImpactExpert With EarlyPrecheck Client Success  

As the accompanying graphic illustrates, a DBA attempted, without a tool, to evaluate the migration effect on an enterprise’s 20,000 statements, but was able to manage only 100 statements in 15 days (7,200 minutes). Using ImpactExpert with EarlyPrecheck, the DBA evaluated all 20,000 statements in seven minutes—and each statement was specifically categorized into the V8 impact. 

In sum, with the powerful functionality added by the EarlyPrecheck application, ImpactExpert not only protects and optimizes day-to-day application performance, it also has earned the right to be called a best-in-class migration tool.