New DockerView Dashboard resulting in detailed performance behavior of docker containers.


- Selection via time range and display of Top N selection

- Zoom-in to Top N Containers for Average CPU%, Average Memory%, Total Memory, Network I/O, and Block I/O

- Enhanced graph and table capabilities resulting in knowledge worker productivity improvement due to easier navigation.


- Graph navigation by scrolling through the time range with extended zoom capability

- Scalable table columns and dynamic table filtering


These new functions enhance the existing rich features in CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux including:

- BlockChainViewTM providing Blockchain ledger and peer network insight visualizing the blockchain operations.

- DockerViewTM with container insight allowing evaluation of application service impact.

- KVMView providing key performance metrics impacting the KVM service availability.

- ClusterView aggregates hosts with clear views allowing trending, pattern, and anomaly identification.

- LinuxView and Dashboard identify performance bottlenecks, making them highly visible.

The above functions of this release strengthen the ability of CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux to assist in problem resolution and performance monitoring leading to increased Linux and UNIX service availability, regardless of the hardware platform on which Linux or UNIX resides – open systems, Power, or z System including LinuxONE.

CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux v2.9 is in managed availability as of October 2017.

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