AES is pleased to announce the managed availability of CleverView® for TCP/IP on Linux v2.9 with DockerView Dashboard, enhanced LinuxView Dashboard user interface and features, and extended graphics intelligence.

DockerView Dashboard monitors Docker from host to container to application in a single dashboard.  An aggregated view of containers leads to container details like CPU utilization. Easy drilldown to view infrastructure metrics by container and compare performance of an individual host.  Correlate performance metrics down to specific containers resulting in the ability to evaluate whether the application is impacted at the service level.

Enhancements to the LinuxView Dashboard support new time range selection and Top N graphs.  The ability to see the top Linux hosts relating to network traffic, CPU and memory usage, TCP and IP transmissions and network throughput provides the knowledge worker clear and concise insight into the Linux environment.

Additional enhancements include the ability to navigate graphs by scrolling through the date range and resizing table columns and table dynamic filtering.

CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux v2.9 introduces the following new features:


Enhanced Dashboard features resulting in concise performance overviews of Linux systems to identify trends, patterns, and anomolies.  Examples:

- Selection via time range and display of Top N selection

- Zoom-in Alert Summary and Top N for Network Traffic, Network Throughput, TCP Segment and IP Datagrams Transmissions, CPU and Memory Usage


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