Advanced TS Migrations, Co. (ATSM) has announced the availability of zAppliance with zPDTd function suite, making it possible for your z/OS Mainframe DASD full volume replication to and from the zPDT up to 10 times faster, removing most manual labor.

The zAppliance uses FICON based 3480/3490/3590 tape emulation and a proprietary z/OS Dump/Restore program to provide a simple and efficient method that moves data quickly between your production or QA environments to the zPDT application development system. Data movement is secured using the z/OS Security Server (RACF) functionality to limit which volumes are eligible for dump/restore.

Without zAppliance technology, developers must utilize the IBM ADRDSSU DUMP program and a physical tape, or ADRDSSU with a UIM (User Installed Module) and a sequential file for output or ZPDTMSRV (zPDT Data Migration Server). The tape must be restored on the zPDT to create or update the DASD volume, resulting in a slow process requiring numerous manual interventions and significant operator time. The other two methods require the use of TCP/IP, OSA hardware, intranet and/or internet, and other resources to initiate and monitor the transfers, consuming valuable network, system resources, and labor.

The zAppliance technology is a much faster and patent pending process, using the FICON interface and emulating standard 3480, 3490, or 3590 tape drives. No special hardware changes are necessary. zPDTd dump/restore software is up to 10 times faster than using ADRDSSU to do a full DASD backup or restore. When properly configured, the process is a simple two step approach consisting of submitting a batch DUMP job on the mainframe z/OS system and varying a device online to your zPDT z/OS system.

The zAppliance with zPDTd function suite improves application development life cycle quality through the rapid refresh of data used in zPDT testing cycles. Better test data yields fewer errors in production.

To learn more about zAppliance with zPDTd function suite, please contact Advanced TS Migrations toll-free at 844-438-2876 or 813-398-2427 extension 1.