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A Primer: DFSORT’s Powerful New Functions

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In July 2008, IBM introduced PTF UK90013, providing new capabilities for DFSORT and its ICETOOL utility. Now you can do find-replace and group operations while you’re sorting, copying, or merging. You also can benefit from changes to ICETOOL’s existing COUNT, DISPLAY, OCCUR, SELECT and SPLICE operators and the use of two new operators (DATASORT and SUBSET). This article provides an overview of these new functions as well as examples and resources to learn more.

Find and Replace

DFSORT’s new FINDREP function lets you:

• Find constants anywhere in your records and

• Replace those constants with constants of the same or different lengths or

• Completely remove those constants.

Bytes after replaced constants will be shifted left or right, as appropriate. You can specify the input and output constants in three ways:

• IN=incon,OUT=outcon: Replace one input constant with one output constant.

• IN=(incon1,…),OUT=outcon: Replace multiple input constants with the same output constant.

• INOUT=( incon1,outcon1,…) : Replace multiple input constants with different output constants.

6 Pages