via SD Times

July 23, 2010 —  IBM is attempting to reinvent big iron with zEnterprise, a new systems design that allows workloads on its mainframes and blade servers to share resources and be managed as a single virtualized system.

What's more, IBM has unified development and testing across tier architecture, and has offloaded development work from the mainframe.

Big Blue announced the zEnterprise mainframe server yesterday in New York. The system's design combines the zEnterprise mainframe with new IBM software (IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension and the IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager) that enable it to manage workloads running across System z, and select POWER7 and System x systems.

IBM said that unified systems management will reduce the cost and complexity of managing IT infrastructure, which may operate in silos, requiring different staff and software tools to manage them.

IBM Rational Developer for System z uses the same ID for both mainframe and Java work, providing a common view for developers that improves communication, said Scott Searle, a marketing program director for IBM Rational. A new System z Unit Test feature allows developers to work outside of the mainframe environment.

Developers can run z/OS on their laptop or on an X86 server, Searle said. Other benefits include a modern GUI, and being able to work at any time, not just when there is a mainframe maintenance window, he noted. "[Developers] can do everything but the final runtime check."