What comes to mind when you hear the word mainframe? If it’s a computer from the 1950s, you probably don’t know as much about mainframes as you could. Keep reading for five little-known mainframe facts.

Whether or not you work with the mainframe, we’ve got 5 mainframe facts that everyone should know!

If you work in the mainframe industry or have a strong background in technology, these mainframe facts may not be little known to you. But to the public at large, they are.

1. Mainframes Are the Size of a Fridge

The mainframes that filled entire rooms went out of style decades ago.

Today’s mainframes are about the size of a refrigerator. That makes them somewhat larger than your average server, sure, and certainly bigger than your personal computer.

But a fridge is certainly smaller than the gigantic mainframes of old.

2. Mainframes Can Run Windows

You may know that mainframes can run Linux in addition to native mainframe operating systems, such as z/OS. But did you know mainframes support Microsoft Windows, too?

Well, OK—not all mainframes can run Windows. And they can’t run any version of Windows.

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