About Enterprise Systems Media

Enterprise Systems Media, Inc. (ESM) was originally founded by Bob Thomas in 1981 and has been publishing IT magazines since that time. Originally named Thomas Communications, Inc., ESM has operated under several names, the most recent being MainframeZone, Inc. Always a publisher of vertical IT magazines, ESM’s first publication was Unisphere, a magazine targeted to users of UNIVAC computer systems.

Because of the pre-eminence of IBM at the time, 4300 Quarterly was launched in 1986. Eventually that magazine became Mainframe Journal and following the announcement of IBM’s System/390 family in 1990, it was renamed to Enterprise Systems Journal.

Today ESM publishes two magazines for IT professionals in the world’s largest enterprises, Enterprise Executive and Enterprise Tech Journal. These two independent publications were previously targeted solely to the needs of IT managers and professionals who worked with IBM mainframe computer systems under the names Mainframe Executive and z/Journal respectively. The change of titles and editorial focus is in line with the reality of today’s multi-platform enterprises where it is necessary to deploy workloads on a best-fit basis and manage IT assets with an enterprise-wide view.

The IBM mainframe continues to be the gold standard for performance, availability, security, and reliability as evidenced by the fact that the majority of the world's largest banks, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers continue to place their most mission-critical applications and data on the mainframe. However we recognize that the mainframe isn't always the optimum solution in all situations. Our stance is that politics, religious wars, and fiefdoms have no place in the data center. Basically, for every workload there is an optimum place where it should be run based on the circumstances at the time, not personal prejudices.