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The 56-year-old magnetic tape industry continues to evolve. Markets are shifting as disk slowly encroaches on tape’s traditional backup/recovery market while tape is positioning itself for tier 3 applications such as fixed content, compliance, and archive. Tape in recent years has been relegated to the mainframe and the middle to high end of Small to Medium Business (SMB) markets with decreasing penetration below this level due to the availability of small-diameter disk drives and flash memory alternatives…

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ISLANDIA, N.Y. – CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA), an IBM development partner, today announced that it is working closely with IBM with the intent of providing same-day support across its mainframe software portfolio for the upcoming release of the IBM zEnterprise System including the new IBM zEnterprise 196 mainframe. As part of this commitment, CA Technologies is designing its innovative new CA Mainframe Software Manager (CA MSM) and CA Mainframe Chorus products to operate in the zNext environment.…

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HOUSTON, July 22, 2010 – The global leader in IT automation and management for the hybrid datacenter, BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC) today announced support for the IBM (NYSE: IBM) zEnterprise, a new computer that will enable customers to consolidate their IT hardware investments, a critical and logical next step in the evolution of the hybrid datacenter of the future…

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Little Falls, NJ, July 20 2010. Concurrent with the IBM Data Protection Solutions Announcement today of direct System z mainframe FICON access to DS8700 resident Open Systems disk; INNOVATION Data Processing is announcing FDRSOS V5.4.74, the first Disaster Recovery and Distributed Data Protection solution to employ this new IBM DS8700 z/OS Distributed Data Backup (zDDB) technology.
“There is a new wave…in Disaster Recovery and Distributed Data Protection. While increasingly customers find themselves integrating business processing and consolidating their mainframe and Open Systems platforms, 81% of respondents in a recent survey report data/storage growth is their biggest data protection challenge”, said INNOVATION spokesman and Vice President, Advance Technology, Thomas J Meehan. “This IBM Data Protection Solutions initiative is a significant announcement. It is the start of a new era of responsiveness and why we are delivering a new version of FDRSOS that combining with the new IBM zDDB technology is the fastest, least disruptive and most efficient z/OS solution for DS8700 disaster recovery and distributed data protection available today”, said Meehan.

According to Allen Marin, IBM System Storage marketing spokesman, “The z/OS Distributed Data Backup feature provides the capability to perform backup of Open Systems data on the IBM System Storage DS8700 over high performance FICON connections”. “Utilizing this new zDDB technology INNOVATION’s FDRSOS is unique in its ability to move distributed data at high performance FICON megabytes per second versus TCP/IP network megabit per second speeds. There is no other backup/restore solution today that has the capability of using high performance Systems z FICON channels to directly read and write the same DS8700 disk volumes used by the Open Systems business applications themselves”, according to Meehan. Marin, further explaining, “This multi-platform backup solution can help clients simplify their heterogeneous backup environments by consolidating and managing them through the mainframe”.

SOSINSTANT, the unique combination of FDRSOS, zDDB and FlashCopy is another first. According      to Meehan, “Now customers can easily incorporate z/OS management of FlashCopy to create near instantaneous point-in-time copies of the disk volumes Open Systems business applications are using, allowing disaster recovery and data protection plans for distributed data to include non-disruptive backup and rapid recovery from disk”.

“I’m very familiar with the FDRSOS technology”, says an executive, responsible for strategic decisions concerning storage at an extremely large international financial and banking institution. Adding,
“There is no doubt this technology will allow users to consolidate and replace hundreds of distributed Open Systems backup servers, their tapes and their associated peripheral storage with FDRSOS
running on a System z mainframe utilizing existing z/OS Tape Management and Security Systems”.

INNOVATION FDRSOS and SOSINSTANT, running on a System z mainframe under z/OS and employing IBM zDDB and FlashCopy technology provide the following advantages:
•    Eliminate the need for distributed backup servers with dedicated tape and disk
•    Reduce network congestion by taking distributed data backup off TCP/IP networks
•    Ensure backup no longer constrains production
•    Free up CPU resources by moving data on high performance FICON channels
•    Maximize value by protecting investments in existing System z mainframe hardware,
z/OS Tape Management, Scheduling and Security software systems
•    Minimize backup window disruption using FlashCopy
•    Empower Open Systems distributed data backup with System z mainframe reliability,
accessibility and security
•    Broad Ranging Platform Support including Linux on System z, AIX, Linux x86-64,
NetWare, OES2, UNIX and Windows
•    Easy-to-use...simple to automate

INNOVATION Data Processing is a leading international provider of enterprise data protection, business continuance and storage resource management solutions satisfying customer business information security concerns since 1972. Combining high performance design with non-disruptive virtualization,
easy-to-use and extremely reliable backup, recovery, data replication and privileged information protection, INNOVATION solutions seek to eliminate business downtime while addressing data
security concerns. Actively partnering with IBM and other leading storage vendors, to ensure technological currency, INNOVATION is the choice of thousands of enterprise customers around
the world for their business resiliency needs.

For additional information on INNOVATION solutions and their ability to meet your demand for
non-disruptive business data protection, business continuance and storage resource management solutions, call 973-890-7300, e-mail or visit

IBM, z/OS, FICON, IBM FlashCopy, DS8700 and z/OS Distributed Data Backup are service marks, trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. FDRSOS and SOSINSTANT are service marks, trademarks or registered trademarks of INNOVATION Data Processing. All other service marks, trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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CHICAGO, July 28, 2010 - More than 30 sessions from SHARE in Boston, August 1-5 will be available virtually to SHARE members who cannot make the trip.

“In today’s tight economic conditions, we realize that many of our SHARE members may be precluded from attending the conference in person because of corporate belt-tightening,” said Al Williams, President of SHARE. “SHARE Online from Boston is a convenient, virtual venue that offers our members access to quality technical content from SHARE in Boston at manageable costs - all without leaving their desks.”

The virtual interaction with a wide range of subject matter experts will provide remote participants with access to the latest enterprise IT best practices. Remote subscribers will have access to two tracks over four days that will be streamed concurrently throughout the conference. The program includes:

. Keynote by Jeff Jonas, IBM Chief Scientist - Macro Trends and What To Do About It
. Keynote by Karl Freund, IBM Vice President of System z Marketing and Strategy - More Power to System z (highlighting the launch of the zEnterprise System)
. System z updates
. Breakout sessions on Linux, cloud computing, enterprise virtualization, network security, service oriented architecture (SOA), and enterprise architecture

Archived, on-demand access to recorded proceedings will also be available to subscribers for six months following the event. The virtual pass is $490 and SHARE members can register for the pass at the SHARE online store.

SHARE conferences provide enterprise IT professionals with the latest information and newest innovations in the marketplace. SHARE in Boston attendees at the Hynes Convention Center will meet enterprise IT experts, learn about the latest developments and solutions in the industry, and build relationships with peers experiencing similar challenges. Many of the more than 600 technical sessions are focused on the 2010 conference themes, Enterprise Virtualization, Cloud Computing and IT & the Bottom Line.

For more information on SHARE in Boston, visit

SHARE is an independent, volunteer-run association providing IBM customers with user-focused education, professional networking and a forum to influence the information technology industry. Since 1955, SHARE has enabled IT professionals to achieve business results through a combination of credible, relevant programs and peer opportunities. SHARE currently counts more than 2,100 organizations among its active member ranks.

# # #…

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System Z: At the Heart of IBM

Almost every technology company has a product that defines it. For Apple, it has historically been the Mac, but last decade it switched to the iPhone. For Microsoft, it largely remains Windows. For Google it’s Google Search, and for IBM it’s the System z mainframe. Last week, IBM announced a substantial advancement to this enterprise line of products, and it is impressive. In fact, no product goes farther in defining IBM than the new zEnterprise.

No other product and offerings inside of IBM showcases past, present, and future the way zEnterprise does, nor does any other showcase IBM’s hardware, software, and services depth. While IBM has a breadth of offerings, no other product showcases IBM’s pride and passion for excellence as this one either. Let’s explore why the new zEnterprise system represents IBM’s heart.

Every company has a passion; something that flows through the virtual blood vessels and pushes the company to do things others thought impossible. Sometimes a vendor loses track of its passion, and can thrash around trying to become something they aren’t. We saw this with Yahoo trying to be Google during last decade and Netscape trying to be Microsoft in the decade before. Apple lost its passion in the 1990s and it took the return of one of its founders to restore that passion again.

IBM’s passion is to encompass the enterprise data center, to scale to the highest levels of reliability, security, and IP performance, and this passion for large systems goes back to before I joined the company in the 1980s. It is reflected across its hardware, software and services organizations, but nowhere is it more evident than in the System z with its mainframe class data and systems management, storage, IO, business analytics and blazing transaction speed.

Hybrid Model
Much as we are bringing more practical hybrid cars to market that blend the performance benefits of existing cars and the energy efficiencies of electrics, IBM’s zEnterprise offers a hybrid option, offering the flexibility of the company’s BladeCenter blade servers and the reliability of the mainframe. This structure will allow the blending of both industrystandard x86 technologies with the dedicated performance capabilities of IBM’s own Power7 architecture to create one of the most unique and capable products in its class.

The end result is a system that can run against dedicated application servers and not only outperform them but demonstrate a flexibility that would be difficult to match by standalone systems, which either have to be homogeneous to allow rapid load balancing or trade off flexibility for the performance of the Power7 architecture.

This hybrid blend also showcases the traditional strength of IBM and its ability to provide solutions that can encompass a variety of operating systems while still providing the high level of automation and flexibility within the solution IBM is famous for.

This is particularly beneficial for Linux solutions, which often lack the level of security and reliability available in their UNIX counterparts because it wraps them with IBM’s services and the new cross-platform zManager solution that come with the implicit promise that the result will be mainframe class in every respect possible.

Wrapping Up: zEnterprise Quintessential IBM
Last week’s announcement promises massive improvements in performance, scalability, flexibility, and automation that showcase the power within IBM that no other offering vendor approaches. zEnterprise is the quintessential IBM product set; the line that defines the lineage and the heart of a company that predates almost all others in the systems market segment.

With this announcement, IBM is saying they not only are not going to go quietly into the night, defeated by the sheer volume of x86-based server solutions, but intend to kick the collective butts of anyone that gets in their way. IBM is on a roll and folks better follow, get out of the way or prepare to face a formidable competitor that will object with a vengeance to anyone else who tries to lead in the enterprise systems space.

Bio: Rob Enderle is one of the most influential technology pundits with world-class IT industry analysis skills honed at DataQuest, Giga Information Group, and Forrester Research. His company,The Enderle Group (, provides an unparalleled look underneath breaking technology events to identify the core reasons that buyers and builders of technology should care…

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